Pokémon Go Survival Guide

If you’re getting into Pokémon Go there’s a few must have items that will make your life easier.

Be Prepared: Here are some items that will get you ready to catch some Pokemon!

Pokémon Go

Before you become a Pokémon Master, you have to download the game!

Price : FREE

Pokémon Ash Ketchum Hat

Let everyone know you're out catching Pokemon with this Ash Ketchum cap. Only $7.99 with free shipping!

Price : $7.99

Phone Charger / LED Flashlight

Extra juice for your phone with a 3,000mAh battery and a light for those dark alleys you'll go down trying to find a Snorlax! All for under $5 with Free Shipping and No Tax!

Price : $24.99 $4.99

Universal SuperGrip Bike Mount

This little device keeps your phone securely attached to your bicycle. Perfect for experienced riders in areas where sudden rain storms aren't a concern.

Price : $19.99 $7.99

Camelback Spill-Proof Water Bottle

Stay hydrated on the go with the world's best, most convenient water bottle.

Price : $16 $10

iPhone/Samsung Waterproof Bike Mount

Track Pokemon and hatch eggs quickly and safely while protecting your phone from drops and spills with this bicycle phone mount.

Price : $39.99 $12.99

Poké Ball T-Shirt

Go out and hunt down your Pokemon in style with this Poké Ball T-Shirt.

Price : $15.80

10,000mAh Solar Phone Charger

Pokemon Go is brutal on your phone's battery. This tank of a portable battery holds a few full recharges and also has solar panels to recharge itself!

Price : $19.99

Solar Backpack with built in battery

This backpack has a built in solar panel and battery to keep you charged up all day AND night!

Price : $30

Reebok Furylite Sneakers

You're going to be on the go and your feet will take a beating. Grab some comfy light weight sneaks, they'll be a lifesaver.

Price : $75 $35

Be Safe: Before you go tracking down Pokémon, make sure you’re protected!

30 SPF Sun Screen

Does Pokémon Go have you wandering around in the sun all day? Well stay safe and put on some sun block. Sunburns suck and can slow down your progress to becoming a Pokémon Master.

Price : $4.13

3 Million Volt Stun Gun

When you go out catching Pokémon, take 3 million friends with you just to be safe! Comes in pink or black with Free Shipping!

Price : $34.99 $9.99

Police Strength Pepper Spray

We've heard horror stories of criminals robbing hapless Pokemon trainers. Make sure you're prepared with some police strength pepper spray!

Price : $11.99 $6.99

Stun Gun Flashlight Combo

This combination stun gun and flashlight helps you navigate the dark scary places with confidence. The sound it makes alone is enough to deter any creepies out there.

Price : 49.99 14.99

Calvin Klein Reflective Shirt

Stay cool, dry, stylish and most importantly visible in this Calvin Klein reflective shirt!

Price : $35 $19.99