Maintaining a Majestic Beard ||| The Essential Essentials Guide Part 2

How To Life ||| Maintaining a Majestic Beard

In our previous post we covered the essential vitamins and minerals you need to get that healthy beard growing. While growing a beard is the hardest part, the battle isn’t quite won yet. Once you have that beast bursting from your chin you’ll have to tame it. Having the right tools for the job always makes the job easier and facial hair is no exception. In part 2 of our Essential Essentials guide we will get you set up for success.

Room To Groom | The Tools of the Trade


Step 1 ||| Beard Oils | The right beard oil not only promote hair growth but also clean and condition your facial hair. With quite literally thousands of options to choose from it can be easy to get lost in the mess. Prices can range from under $5 to over $100 per bottle leaving plenty of room to get ripped off as well. Claims made by the brand may not always hold under medical scrutiny, So deciding what your needs are is the first step in picking the perfect beard oil. Many beard aficionados actually make their own beard oils. This allows you to get just the right formula and save a little cash at the same time. If you are new to the beard game or simply don’t have time to tinker around and find your perfect blend there are some key ingredients to look for when picking a good oil.

What’s in a good Beard Oil?

Carrier Oils | Carrier oils are the base of any beard oil. It makes up 99% of the finished beard oil ingredients. Jojoba oil is the most popular by far. Aside from all the hooky-spooky claims made, it’s chemically very close to your body’s natural oils. Cold pressed oils are always most beneficial for conditioning and should be a top priority for picking an oil. Other common and recommended carrier oils include Sunflower Seed OilGrapeseed Oil and Almond Oil.

Essential Oils | Essential oils boost the effectiveness of a beard oil and give them a distinctive scent. Combine complimentary essential oils to formulate your signature scent. Remember everyone has a distinctive body chemistry, and just like cologne these scented oils can smell differently depending on the person who wears them. Some of the oils we recommend are vitamin E oil for conditioning and healthy hair production, tea tree oil for its cleaning properties and skin health, hemp seed oil for the multitude of benefits cannabinoids can offer and lavender oil for a soothing effect. Only a few drops of essential oils are needed per bottle of beard oil.

Step 2 ||| Brushing your beard. A good beard brush turns unruly whiskers into picturesque man-scaping. Just like the hair on your head, The hair on your chin needs a good brushing as well. You can remove debris and help steer your hair in the right direction. Picking a good beard brush is not too difficult. Stay away from synthetic bristles that can irritate your skin and find a good wooden grip. A proper wooden beard comb is less harsh on your facial hair and is great for making adjustments throughout the day.

Step 3 ||| Clip that soup-catcher. Facial hair needs to be regularly cut to complement the shape of your face. Like the hairs on your head when facial hair gets too long it can become brittle, Corkscrew, or develop split ends. Regularly trimming your facial hair is the final step in getting the look you’ve always wanted. While there’re excellent beard grooming clippers available it’s important to remember they are more of a band-aid than a solution. A quick fix when you are in a bind. Using trimming scissors is the absolute best way to maintain your beard without damaging the hair.

Now that you have a clean, conditioned beard you’re ready to face the world. Remember to keep taking your vitamins and keep a comb handy. With minimal maintenance you’ll be dapper and darling to everyone you meet.